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    twenty-eighteen : a year in review

    dear reader, it’s been a while to say the least. it’s been a hectic past couple of months with university and life happening at the same time. as you can tell, I haven’t been able to write in a while due to … things constantly happening in my life. i’ve also lost the touch of writing and have had no inspiration or motivation. this post is sort of a review of my twenty-eighteen. yes, the outside world in general has been terrible to say the least, and to be honest my personal life has been the same. yikes. i also added a few sketches and some memories from the past…

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    furrylittlepeach doodle

    website: http://www.furrylittlepeach.com/ a lil doodle inspired by Sha'an d'Anthes (aka, @furrylittlepeach) she is an illustrator, exhibiting artist and published author. last year, she released her children's book called Zoom, and it's fantastic! from the story to the illustrations! everything she does is absolutely gorgeous! sha'an's style is unique to her and its gorgeous! yes i'm saying gorgeous a lot but you will understand once you see her work! you should also check her studio vlogs on her youtube. they are so inspiring and beautiful and perfect to watch along while working or doing some art yourself. website | youtube | instagram | twitter | tumblr 

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    november 2017 – mood board

    november /nōˈvembər,nəˈvembər/ october was a month filled with new experiences and memories made with new friends. it was a time filled with many assignments, tests and a big to-do list. while this was all happening, I stayed in touch with all my high school friends, planning and texting when we would next meet. of course I miss them all terribly, but when starting a new adventure at a new place, I have to remember to meet other people, and I am proud to say I have. I know I will never have the same relationship that I had with them ever again, but its worth it to make some new friends along…

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    october 2017 – mood board

    october /äkˈtōbər/ september has finally finished. already many occurrences of awkwardness, hunched shoulders and tears, have arisen. yet I still have managed to become a leader for a group of people. why? i still don’t know. i stood in front of the class shivering in fear with my body turned inwards, and a stuttered introduction. this month has been filled of many new people and new experiences. i have gotten lost plenty of times. i have had to introduce myself to many new people. i have inhaled one to many ice capps. i have listened to multiple podcasts while commuting to keep myself from falling asleep. i have broken down a…

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    september 2017 mood board

    september /sepˈtembər/ the dreaded month has arrived where new beginnings will take place and new memories will be made with new people that I have yet to meet. this month will be hard for so many different reasons. this is a huge change in all aspects of my life and I have been dreading it since the topic had first come up. the feeling of anxiety and panic that has risen every time I have thought about it, will now probably get worse due to the fact that now i’m actually living it. I made myself some goals for this month since I knew it would be hard. number one:…

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    life update

    dear reader, as seen through the many posts in the past few weeks or months, I have been going through a change within my life. a graduation to the next level has come out of it, and it is both for better and for worse. at the moment, it seems for the worse due to none of my friends or experiences coming along with me for the future experiences.