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    day four – spell

    dear reader, this might be my favourite look in terms of it being heavily inspired by a very close place in my heart. the place is hogwarts. i mean, i did say that this blog and my instagram feed is slowly showing how much of a hufflepuff I am (right now just with the colour palette). don’t worry, more will definitely be coming soon! anyways, back to the look. it is greatly inspired by everything inspired by harry potter, and hogwarts. i mean the entire look is black and yellow! I took inspiration from the classic snape turn in the first movie with his robe swirling around majestically behind him.…

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    day three – toasted

    dear reader, a new inkvember is here! who would have thought it would be coming so soon, with all the work I have! yet here I am once again procrastinating doing this instead of working on my assignments. anyways, this is one of my favourite looks so I hope that you all will love it as much as I do! it is of the theme toasted, which I think the look represents well. I feel like this look would be perfect for the super cold windy snowstorm days here in Canada. pushing through the snow coming down hard, but still looking cute in this look! – day three : toasted…

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    the sunday sketch – four

    here’s another mini sunday sketch! just another lil sketch that i did in my skecthbook , which i love. i did it while watching some youtube videos and relaxing after a stressful exam yesterday. i used my muji gel pen in 0.38, and a yellow tombow marker. my sketchbook is the xl canson mix media sketchbook. if anyone wants to start doing mini sketches on sundays, tag me as well as the hashtag #thesundaysketch. can’t wait to see what will come with this if the future! samsta<3

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    october 2017 – mood board

    october /äkˈtōbər/ september has finally finished. already many occurrences of awkwardness, hunched shoulders and tears, have arisen. yet I still have managed to become a leader for a group of people. why? i still don’t know. i stood in front of the class shivering in fear with my body turned inwards, and a stuttered introduction. this month has been filled of many new people and new experiences. i have gotten lost plenty of times. i have had to introduce myself to many new people. i have inhaled one to many ice capps. i have listened to multiple podcasts while commuting to keep myself from falling asleep. i have broken down a…