the process of conquering your fears – step two

the one fear that i always have had is, change. one huge thing i’ve struggled with for a long time and will probably always have trouble with. there’s been a lot of changes this past year already in my life and changing up samsta is just one of them. this has always been a big goal of mine once i started this blog a couple years ago. the only problem i had with it was, what if something went wrong? what if it didn’t work out? what if samsta would just become one of those blogs where only one person comes to look at it… and it’s just me. a lot of what-ifs go through my head that does not make sense, especially when i know something is about to change.

it’s taken me almost four months since i actually bought the domain to have the guts to transfer everything and start all over again. i knew it was going to be hard since i’ve done this twice before. if you didn’t know, samsta is a combination of two old blogs. one was all about fashion, while the other was kind of like an open diary of a muslim teenager. they were two things i loved to talk about, and they became one, which i am so much happier with. when creating this new blog, it took some time to readjust all the posts, and make a new layout of how i want to site to be. it’s the same thing here. instead, i’m kind of having to do a lot of fine-tuning and editing to make this site look professional yet fun and also something that i have actually created myself.

i’m starting from scratch again and having to readjust and perfect this site. it’s still not what i want it to be. i’m not completely happy with it just yet. i’m still slowly working on it, to perfect it exactly how i want it to be. it’s going to take time, loads of time, and a lot of designs and drawings and editing and doodles on the sides of my notes. but i’m really excited since i’m doing this all by myself. i’m not getting any help from anyone, and it’s everything that’s coming out of my head and being spilled online into a somewhat coherent journal … with some doodles. i’m kind of thinking this is like an empty house with unpacked boxes, and stuff littering everywhere. the foundation is set and the main furniture is added to its place. but the decorations, the memories, the little knick-knacks aren’t added yet.

i’m so excited to finally share with you all what my plan was and what i have been working on these past few months that i have been away! it’s a long time coming, and has many ways to go, but i am so proud of how it’s becoming to look like! although i was going to announce this later on, i will say this here. from now on i will try to do at least one post a week, maybe even more.

the bigger announcement is… i will be blogging everyday in august! i can’t wait! i already posts lined up and so many more ideas to share with you all! stay excited as a lot is coming your way!

step two: change is good DONE

samsta <3

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and this post. Sometimes we fear change but change can be a good thing. I am glad that you were able to see that and you overcame your fear of change.

    Well done. A thumbs up from me. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate what you have said. 🙂

      1. You are welcome. No worries

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