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a few notes about me

Dear Reader,

there is not a lot about my character online as I am anonymous and wish to stay as such due to… reasons. anywho, I thought it would be nice for you to know a bit more about me. so, here we go!

  • as you know my nickname is Sam, which I basically use everywhere online
  • I am soon going to be entering university! it is both a crazy and scary thought
  • my favorite subjects would be math, art, english and history
  • I love animals! most animals I am just okay with admiring them with a screen between us, but I have recently been more okay with kittens! my favourite animals are horses and beluga whales
  • i love fashion and designing my own clothes and outfits. I do a lot of illustrations and sketches. especially all over my notes for school.
  • going along with my love of fashion, I also make some of my own clothes. I learnt to sew from my mother
  • I love writing. I have always kept a diary with me, although I am a little behind in writing
  • I always keep a journal near me incase I have an idea for a story, a poem, an illustration or anything
  • I love to read. my favourite genres are usually historical fiction, fiction, fantasy, biographies, poetry, adventures… I think I just like anything that is written well
  • I love watching youtube and my favourite channels to watch include, connor franta, doddleoddle, conan gray, chewingsand, daniel j layton, cayllles, banana jamana, notjustblonde, lucy moon, tessa violet and sooo many more. maybe i’ll make a post dedicated into my favourite youtubers.

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed learning more about me!


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