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a few changes (another lil update)

dear reader,

soooo, remember when I said I would be continuing to do mini reviews on the spring summer 2019 fashion week this season? well, I kind of won’t be doing it anymore because when I say I don’t have time, I mean it. I mean I don’t even have time for myself, I’ve been sick now for more than a week and it’s not fun. these posts take loads of time, so there’s absolutely no way I would be able to make the time for them. another reason I kind of decided to end it, is that I really want to do inktober this year and if I do both it will be too much for me, and the posts will end up overlapping each other. yes, i know i’m still putting a whole lot of pressure on myself to do these posts, but this one, I really want to do. although i love doing fashion week reviews, i also love drawing and painting. if I have some free time, I kind of want to be doing something I love. also, these don’t take as much time as fashion week posts do. so instead of fashion week reviews, you will be getting a month of ink drawings instead. if you want to see what day one looked like, as well as what will be a lil different about this inktober, click here. I also kind of decided to end these fashion week reviews altogether as it would be the fourth year, and I mean everything comes better in threes, so I think its a good time.

to end off this lil update, I just want to say sorry if you really enjoyed these reviews. I do love looking back on them but I don’t really have the time for them. I may still consider doing fashion reviews on modest fashion week, and even haute couture. however, as of now i’m not really sure. apart from this ending, I will be starting to post more fashion illustrations, more illustrations and even more writing! I really hope you all are looking forward to what’s to come!

dear reader, if you would like to continue knowing my favs of fashion week, then follow me on twitter where I will be retweeting my favourite looks from time to time!


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