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a lil art adventure

me and miho
tuesday, july seventeen, twenty-eighteen

today one of my good friend (@nagayamaaa on instagram #spon) and I went on a little art adventure together. we first went the local art gallery where we found only a small art exhibit and ended up staying for about half an hour just talking and looking through each other's sketchbooks. we ended up going to a nearby library and collecting a bunch of books about film, art, photography and ended up sitting for hours and just drawing. cause why not. this is what we do. afterwords we ended up going to the mall to get timmies and ended up having a washi tape hunt. i left out a lot, just because i kinda want to remember some stuff for myself. anyways, this was definitely one of my favourite days with one of my really close friend. please give her a little follow and some likes over on instagram! here is her instagram below with some of her most recent posts. look at how talented she is. i could do an entire post just about her being such a talented and beautiful person inside and out! thanks for all the memories! <3

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