Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA) Reader

a lil peek into my life

dear reader,

i haven’t really done an update on what my life has been like for a while. so here’s a lil peek into my crazy hectic life.

so, for the past month, i have been finishing up some classes, as in four courses worth of assignments and tests and classes, from the previous school year. this is because my university went on strike. for five months. it was great. not. yes i didn’t have any work to do, or classes to attend, but one, i was bored out of my mind. two, all my friends still had school so i couldn’t even see them. and three, it has waisted so much of my time, and money. anyways, that has been a big stress. the good thing though, is i’m finally free! only for one week cause classes start soon … it sucks but it’s gonna be fine.

all while this university stuff has been going on, i have been hanging out with some friends here and there when we have the time. it’s stressful just to figure out when to meet up, because we all are so busy now. i’ve been to chapter with one, explored a new area with another and had some deep conversations in a library with someone else. a few of my closest friends and i went to see a movie and spent the entire day together. it was honestly such a great stress reliever… even though i cried … a lot… during the movie. it was a great time tho.

i’ve also of course been working a lot on samsta, and that’s where most of my free time has been going towards. this is the first time where i have (almost) successfully completed blogging every day for a month! and i’m so excited to finish! there are a few more things coming up that i’m excited to post, and afterwords i am hoping to do at least one post a week! i will write more about my experience with beda in the final post, but here’s just a lil peek into my life.

dear reader, look out for more in the future!


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  1. Good luck in your exams! Which movie did you go and see?

    1. Thank you! I went to see Christopher Robin with my friends! I definitely did not… cry. 🙂

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