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a lil winter sketch

let me set the scene. i finish my last midterm, yet i still have one last assignment for this semester due. instead of doing the one assessment due in 10 and a half hours, i sat in the library and sketched on my wacom that i brought to do my assignment with. yup, instead of trying to complete the one task left on my list, i decided to spend an hour sketching away while listening to louis tomlinson say ‘yew know wat iy mean’ fifty times straight in way too many of his interviews, so math was definitely not in my brain at this point. anyways, here’s the illustration that i did while half asleep and half overthinking my midterm. luv ya!

ps. this was supposed to be posted all the way back in november, yet here I am two months later!

pps. also be sure to look at the post on my Instagram!

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  1. Great content! Keep up the good work!

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