Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA) Reader

an end to august

dear reader,

the first time, fourteen posts. the second time, eighteen. the third time, thirty-one posts! it’s true i guess, third times a charm! this time i finally did it. i finally was able to complete beda, blogging every day for a month in august. there were a lot of times where i was unsure of what to post, and even some late night posts. there were many stressful times during this month where i didn’t even know why i decided to do this. i mean, i had to complete four courses, with an exam or test in each one. i had to my own personal job that i’ve been doing at home. spending time with my family and friends before my second year begins. and i finally got a job. the job that i’ve been trying to get for a while. thankfully, it didn’t start until the end of august, but there still has been a lot to do this month.

the posts that i have done for beda, are definitely not the best and not all of them are my favourites… even though most of them were of my favourites. i enjoyed trying some new things, such as my writing prompt posts which i have wanted to do for so long. and i absolutely love doing them whenever i have an idea, or an itch to write. i started the sunday sketch, which i’m loving. even though these are just simple sketches i’m posting, i’m loving sharing a part of my sketchbook to everyone. it’s been a learning experience to see what i like and dislike posting, and seeing what others are interested in. i have even more ideas now that i can’t wait to start working more on now that i have finished beda! all the more intense and posts that require more work, i have saved for now, and i can’t wait to start sharing them soon!

in a conclusion to august twenty-eighteen, i just want to say thank you for supporting this small journey i have had this month, it has been a difficult ride of many ups and downs. writing posts after dark. writing while at university, or the middle of the library while studying. writing frantically just before i wish to post. i’ve loved writing and coming up with new ideas for this month, and i honestly can’t wait for next time! until then, look forward to fashion week favourites, more sunday sketches, and even more writings of mine.

dear reader, thank you all for being so supportive and i can’t wait to do this again!


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