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on december nineteen, twenty-seventeen, my friend and I went downtown and had a day filled of art and fun. we laughed, we talked, and we drew. literally. this day was a day dedicated for us to catch up after a few months and to explore the arts we could find in downtown.

our first and only stop (or so we thought) was going to the Royal Ontario Museum, or the ROM. we only went their to explore and look around. oh, we also brought our sketchbooks with us. we drew everything we found interesting and beautiful and we went through the entire building while having our sketchbooks in our hands, backpacks on our back, and looking wide-eyed at everything around us. we went everyone, well, everywhere we were allowed to go. their were two exhibits that we weren’t able to go to as we had to pay an extra amount. one of them was Christian Dior’s collection. I was disappointed to say the least. at least I got to see one of them, which was a little red number. absolutely breathtaking! we mainly spent time on the second floor with all the animals and spent almost an hour or more just in that section. our trip to ROM and sketching was definitely a success!

we spent about three-ish hours there, and then proceeded to go to the tim hortons to have a little lunch. I obviously had an ice-capp even though it was freezing outside, with a croissant. we stayed at the place for about an hour-ish while finishing up our lunch, and talking about what we were doing in our time out of university. also, I may have looked through her entire sketchbook. honestly, my friends are so talented! you all should check her out on Instagram! her name is @nagayamaaa .

after we were done, we did a quick stop at starbucks, and then proceeded to walk for twenty minutes. we randomly decided during lunch to head to some art stores we love. we just didn’t know that it would take so long! we ended up going to curry’s and above the ground! I will say that I may have spent a little more than I should have while we were there. we can’t help it though! everything is there! and it’s so beautiful! and it’s art supplies! you wouldn’t be able to resist them either!

the whole day in general was amazing! and I really have to thank my friend for inviting me on this art adventure! we did so much in just a few hours. we spent time at a museum and got through almost everything. we had lunch together. we spent a little too long in some art shops looking at pens and sketchbooks! we drew everything that we came across. we chatted and caught up about our crazy and hectic new life we have been living. we spent time together that I appreciate so much. so, thank you to you. you have been an amazing friend, and this day was honestly a day filled with laughter, deep talks, new revelations, art, and so much more. here’s to many more!


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  1. Sounds like such a lovely day! Did you draw your sidebar picture? If so, you’re really talented – I love the style 🙂

    1. it was definitely one of my favourite memories of this year 🙂 and yes I did draw it! thank you so much <3

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