back in high school

i went back to my highschool the other day with my friend. i hadn’t gone back for about four to five months. it’s been the time since i graduated until now. the experience going back was normal i guess. it felt like we were back in highschool just hanging with our friends and walking around the school. we went during the lunch break and met a bunch of our friends that were younger than us and are still going through the day to day high school life. i didn’t tell one of my close friends because i wanted to surprise her, and it was a success! we didn’t stay to long with one another, as we wanted to go see our old teachers and she needed to finish an assighnment. she later texted me to say to meet up soon. we also met a few of our old classmates that happened to also be visitng. meeting up with some of the teachers were nice, an awkward handshake and few conversations took place. a few of the teachers i really wanted to see weren’t there which was really dissapointing. i’ll probably have to go back just to see them again.

going back was interesting i guess. it honestly felt like i never left (the most cliche way to say it). i felt that i was still there while walking around with my friend during lunch, having random conversations with my teachers, and annoying my sister. it didn’t feel any different. it felt the exact same. i honestly felt like i was still a high school student and not a first year university student. it dosen’t feel real to be honest. going to university feels like a dream in a sense that i don’t feel it’s real. i really wish that i could stay in highschool just because all my friends would have been with me, and to re-live some of my favourite memories with them. the whole day was bizzare to be honest, and like i said it hasn’t settled in my head that i’m in university already. it was however nice to see everyone again, and catch up with the people that i haven’t seen in ages.


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