Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA) Reader

beda – blogging everyday in august

Dear Reader,

Here I am again committing to this challenge of posting something new everyday this month. This time I have a plan on how everything must work. So, hopefully I don’t give up after a few posts.

This time however, I will make sure to have a variety of posts. More Polyvore looks, more collections, more illustrations and more art pieces as well. I also started a YouTube channel if you didn’t know called samsta! There are already two videos up! One is just a short video that is of my sister, my friend and I waiting around. The second is a video of an old water colour illustration that I did back in April (during beda) titled, the sightings of a (almost) full moon. The two videos will be linked below, so if you don’t mind, please check them out and maybe subscribe if you like my stuff.

– waiting in yellow –

– illustration: the sighting of a (almost) full moon –

Also, if you saw above, I have this little picture above this post. This will be up on the side of my blog for the whole month of august during beda. If you are also planning to do this, you can use the photo on the side of your blog! I would absolutely love it to have you also doing this challenge. Comment down below if you are, so I can check you out!

Dear Reader, enjoy the rest of beda!


PS. Dodie and some other of my favourite are also doing VEDA and I am so excited this alongside them! 🙂

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