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Dear Reader,

here are some books that I need to read. I have been meaning to read these since forever and am embarrassed to say I have not.

  • emma (jane austen)
  • persuasion (jane austen)
  • gone with the wind (margaret mitchell)
  • bridget jone’s diary (helen fielding)
  • gulliver’s travels (jonathan swift)
  • the great gatsby (f. scott fitzgerald)
  • les miserables (victor huge)
  • anne of green gables (lucy maud montgomery)
  • emily of new moon (lucy maud montgomery)
  • the blue castle (lucy maud Montgomery)
  • jane of lantern hill (lucy maud Montgomery)
  • the prince and  the pauper (mark twain)
  • the paris secret (karen swan)
  • the diary of anne frank (anne frank)
  • the lord of the rings (j.r.r. tolkien)
  • the da vinci code (dan brown)

Dear Reader, I would love to know the books that you have read or not read from this list.


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