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Cozy Plaid Poncho

cozy plaid poncho by saamstaa

The first look of the Winter 2016 Polyvore Collection! This look is more of a cozier theme, one which you can wear both at home and outside. The look consists of straight fit jeans, and a high collared, navy blue, tan and red coloured, fringe poncho. One can wear the look just as is at home along with a simple navy blue beanie and glasses. Adding a pair of navy blue and tan boots can be added for a look when going outside. Overall, this outfit is mostly going for a cozier look intended for being at home drinking some tea and reading a good book, whilst snow is falling outside your window. #cozy #Winter2016

vintage poncho ( | rame high-rise flared jeans ( | sole society navy ankle boots ( | caslon knit slouchy beanie ( | zerouv clear eyeglasses ( 

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