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Crochet Smock Dress

Dear Reader,

It’s been a while since I have done a Fashion Illustration, well here’s one! This one I made inspired by the Festival season, the bohemian theme to be specific. Here it is below.


Starting from the hair, I put it into a messy braid as this is one popular style during this season. The necklaces’ are layered with a chocker, a simple chain necklace, a chain necklace with large loops and a longer necklace with a pendant. The dress is a cold-shoulder smock dress with long bell-like sleeves. The neckline of the dress is a crochet knitted style with a gorgeous and simple pattern to it. The dress is quite simple as well just slightly above the knee. A pair of combat  boots complete the look.

Now colour is not added to the illustration as one I wasn’t able to scan in colour and two I wanted you all to imagine the look with the desired colours you would like. Since it is a Bohemian themed look, I had an image in mind with such colours. Comment below what theme you would have decided.

Dear Reader, I hope you liked the look!


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  1. Such fabulous detailing, I love it! ❤️

    1. Thank you! samsta<3

  2. Farzana Rahman says:

    omg, you should be a fashion designer!!!!!!!!

    1. XD thanks Farzana! maybe one day! 🙂 -samsta<3

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