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day eight – star

dear reader,

this is probably my favourite in terms of how it turned out with colour! i did end up using watercolour’s for this look. i know i know. it’s not ink, however once it gets on the paper, there is no going back… like ink. so i ended up doing a galaxy theme, cause i recently perfected a piece that was set in a galaxy. i don’t know when i will post that… but here this is for now!

– day eight : star –



media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, Pental Arts Colour Brush (#101 black), Yarka Watercolour Palette, Muji Ink 0.38 Pen

this look turned out pretty well, and i’m really happy about it! i didn’t think it would turn out the best just because of the watercolour technique. the dress looks like a layered dress, however it’s not. it just has a bunch of pieces all pieced together, giving it a layered look. it also reminds me greatly of a babydoll inspired dress. i have added a flowing black scarf to this look. along with black skinny jeans, and some heeled boots. of course, under the dress is a full sleeve black top. i added a few silver stars to the look around it as well, to show more of a galaxy instead of just a background for it. if you would like to see a close up of the pattern, visit my Instagram @saamstaa.

dear reader, i hope you liked this star-worthy of an outfit!


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