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day five – chicken

dear reader,

I know what you all are wondering, in what way could someone represent a chicken in a decent modest fashion look? well, I have figured it out. it wasn’t easy to say the least. I went through many different roughs and ideas before I finally settled on this look. it’s not exactly perfect, but it does work. I took the theme of chicken, and sort of went … left. think about chicken wire and the boning technique used in some avand grade pieces before looking at the illustration below.

– day five : chicken –

media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, Pental Arts Colour Brush (#101 black), Muji Ink 0.38 Pen

now that you have seen the look, I shall explain what I have done. basically when thinking about chickens, I thought of chicken wire. I thought of maybe incorporating that somehow into the look, and thought it would be too much of an avade garde look. instead, I decided to replace the chicken wire with boning that can be seen throughout many looks in the fashion world. so, the piece on top is a see through boning peplum top. it would take great difficulty to make, but if it did it would turn out pretty cool. I do imagine it to have not that great of a stiffness towards the bottom, but i’m not really sure how that would look when actually creating the look. underneath the boning peplum top, is a simple black full sleeve top which is the same length as the peplum top, and looks to be fitted the same at the peplum top. some black slightly fitted jeans and of course a black scarf is added. I also added a medium gray suede jacket, and boots to complete the look. in my mind the leather jacket and boots are a light tan shade, which would look beautiful in a suede material. however, as i’m trying not to use too many colours for the inkvember theme, I decided to not do it.

dear reader, hope you liked this illustration!


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