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day four – spell

dear reader,

this might be my favourite look in terms of it being heavily inspired by a very close place in my heart. the place is hogwarts. i mean, i did say that this blog and my instagram feed is slowly showing how much of a hufflepuff I am (right now just with the colour palette). don’t worry, more will definitely be coming soon! anyways, back to the look. it is greatly inspired by everything inspired by harry potter, and hogwarts. i mean the entire look is black and yellow! I took inspiration from the classic snape turn in the first movie with his robe swirling around majestically behind him. the entire look is something I would definitely love to wear!

– day four : spell –

media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, Pental Arts Colour Brush (#101 black), Yellow Tombow Marker, Muji Ink 0.38 Pen

this look as you can tell now, is definitely something a hufflepuff, like me, would wear. as I said above, and as you can see, the whole look has a hufflepuff theme of black and yellow seen throughout the entire look. I also decided to create more of a uniform type look, with a casual twist in it. looking at the hogwarts uniforms, they are usually wearing a typical school uniform with a long robe. here the look also has a black long robe reaching just an inch or two above the ground. the pants, have a faded striped look, with different shades of gray. although its a lil formal, I added touches of yellow to the buttons of the pants, and a cute yellow belt, which unfortunately isn’t able to show well. a simple dark gray scarf is also added to complete the look, along with some cute yellow platform boots, peaking out from beneath the pants. now, of course, the best piece to the ensemble. the printed tee that would be under the robe. it is in fact yellow, of course. but, if you look closely there are words on it. now what could those words be?! well, they are in fact, spells. spells from the wizarding world printed on. definitely, something that I need in my life. please provide me with this subtle but totally cool t-shirt!

dear reader, I hope you enjoyed reading about this look, and knowing how much of an obsession I have with harry potter!


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