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day six – drooling

dear reader,

first of all, i finally posted on time in a couple days! it’s been a while. i’m happy that its done now for the day cause now i need to go study for my midterm that it two days! yikes. anyways, the concept for this piece wasn’t too hard to decide on, cause i knew right away, that it would be interesting to design some sleepwear. i instantly wanted to do some chic victorian night dress, but i decided that if the prompt was going to be drooling, i’d need to design something not so chic.

– day six : drooling – 

media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, Pental Arts Colour Brush (#101 black), Yellow Tombow Marker, Muji Ink 0.38 Pen

this look has a dark gray and yellow theme, which i think looks pretty great. anyways, the look is very simple, and not too chic. the top has a gray stripped pattern, and is in the shape of a slight peplum top, to give it a little bit of a flow and to make it slightly longer. the sleeves can be folded up, as well as the collar, to show off a bit more of the yellow hemline that is going on throughout the whole top, and bottoms. the buttons are also all yellow to give the top a lil more colour. i added a black tank top underneath, because the neckline turned to be a lil too deep. a black scarf is loosely thrown on because, why not. this girl is at home about to go to sleep, and she doesn’t have to see anyone! let her hair show a bit, cause why not! i also added some black socks because it’s cold here in canada now, and if you don’t wear socks to bed, your feet will fall off.

dear reader, look forward to a new post tomorrow!


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