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day three – toasted

dear reader,

a new inkvember is here! who would have thought it would be coming so soon, with all the work I have! yet here I am once again procrastinating doing this instead of working on my assignments. anyways, this is one of my favourite looks so I hope that you all will love it as much as I do! it is of the theme toasted, which I think the look represents well. I feel like this look would be perfect for the super cold windy snowstorm days here in Canada. pushing through the snow coming down hard, but still looking cute in this look!

– day three : toasted –

media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, Pental Arts Colour Brush (#101 black), Yellow Tombow Marker, Muji Ink 0.38 Pen

this look, as I said above, is probably my most favourite look of all time! just because the outfit is definitely something I wish I could pull off. yet here I am, once again putting my dream look into an ink illustration. anyways, this look basically describes toasted in an outfit in my opinion. I mean look at it! the illustration just shows a girl covered from head to toe in knitted and warm items. starting from the top, there is a cute knitted beanie. along with a black, gray and yellow scarf which is wrapped well to keep the nose un-red like most tend to be. the coat is my favourite style that’s a lil breezy that can lift up the coat a bit. it would be a wool coat, with beautiful knitted or crochet yellow hems and the button down. the inside of the coat would have a cute and messy light gray print. the jeans are black with this look, of course, with cute little knitted gray leg warmers. the final accessory to this look is the chunky boots which are perfect for the snowy whether, but also look pretty cute at times! this style of this illustration is personally my favourite as it looks like it could have come straight out of a children’s book or animation! I also loved how I didn’t makes the pieces full with ink. I left it pretty messy but it gives it texture to the pieces and the illustration as a whole! I really am proud of this piece, and I hope you all, also love this!

dear reader, look forward to more coming soon!


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