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green with envy: wintery nail polish – foggy green grunge

green with envy: wintery nail polish – foggy green grunge by saamstaa

This look was made to go with the dark green nail colour that is the central theme of the look. A dark green collared knitted sweater is added to this with a pair of dark washed flared jeans. A similar shade of colour is added throughout within the accessories of the beanie and satchel. The colour palette of the look is dark blue, dark foggy green and a dark shade of brown, hence the phone case as an accessory. A watch and a pair of glasses are added. Overall, this complete look gives of a grunge vibe hence the name of the look. #grunge

green turtleneck ( | stella mccartney dark blue jeans ( | charlotte russe chunky heel boots ( | chanel quilted handbag ( | olivia pratt buckle watch | slouchy beanie hat | lauren b beauty nail polish ( | zerouv wayfarer eyeglass ( 

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