here's a little update

dear reader,

january was a hard month to say the least. personally, my life has been a roller coaster, and emotionally, it’s been worse. let’s just say, I’ve had quite a few break downs and multiple rivers flow down my face in the back seat of buses, and while walking in the middle of a snow storm.

my personal life, has had a lot going on these past few months, leaving me stressed and just not in a good mood to do anything. what’s wrong is not anything physical or something people can actually see. as I said I’ve just been more emotional and my brain has been a storm of various emotions as of late. it has caused many struggles to be motivated to do anything and  to have any inspiration for anything creative. along with that it’s hard to block these thoughts in the middle of the night when i’m just trying to get some sleep.

it’s also been a stressful few weeks re-adjusting to get back in the flow of going to university after a month long break. going to classes, doing readings, assignments, and having a mid-term or huge test every week. it doesn’t help that with the program i’m doing I have to constantly be practising and practising to be well prepared for tests and assignments. if you didn’t already know, I am doing a math major. this is a week where I have had slightly less work to worry about, however next week I have three mid-terms, multiple assignments and an in-class discussion. oh, also there is a potential strike that is most likely happening… not stressed at all.

apart from my personal and university life, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog. I want to continue talking about and reviewing fashion, but also want to do art, and writing about my life, and just some writing in general. I also started an Instagram if you didn’t know, which has only one post that was posted about a month ago. some days I even ask myself if it’s even worth it to continue blogging, but it is for me, and I know that. it’s the one thing keeping me sane from this hectic university life. I am able to post about whatever I want, and what I love. it is very therapeutic in a way. as I said, I haven’t been feeling very motivated or inspired lately which is on of the many reasons why I haven’t been posting as of late. this past weekend, I was greatly motivated and inspired to work on some new ideas I have. one of them includes, to do something to replace the monthly mood boards, which as you can tell I haven’t continued this year. honestly, I was just getting a bit bored of them. january’s post hasn’t come out yet, but it will very soon. I also have ideas for my Instagram, illustrations, fashion sets and so much more. I can’t wait to start posting again!

I wanted this post to be neat and organized with my thoughts and feelings, and be able to say what I wanted to in a poetic writing manner. however, I decided to write this as a diary entry, as right now I don’t really believe my life is poetic worthy at the moment. well, here is my little update of what’s been going on. for the rest of february, i am hoping to post more, so get ready for what’s about to come!

dear reader, look forward to new things coming your way!


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  1. Keep posting what you want ,, that’s what I do also,, I feel better with my blog doing it that way,,, hope everything goes better,, 🙂🙂

    1. that’s exactly what I want to start doing more of! thank you! 🙂

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