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Illustration: Braided Sequins

Dear Reader,

It’s been a while since I posted my last illustration. This piece, in particular, was done earlier this year and I’ve been meaning to post it ever since. Anyways, this piece is supposed be a formal look for someone who wants to dress modestly at a big event.


5.5 x 8.5 in. watercolour and fine tip on mix media paper

media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, watercolour palate by Yarka, Curries watercolour paintbrush, Steadler fine tip pen 0.1, and Signo uni-ball white gel pen

This illustration is something I would definitely wear to a formal event. The material is supposed to have a shimmery look to it and sequins scattered around. The top has a peplum style and is slightly fitted to give a feminine look to it. It is fully covered in sequins and glitter, while the skirt only has a bit of glitter on it. The top has a wide neckline to add something more to the look. With the wide neckline, a choker or necklace can be worn. There is also a braided belt added at the waist which is full of sequins and glitter. It is added to give a figure to the top.

This look can be worn with a scarf as well which would cover the neck and the chest area. In my mind, this look can be taken out to be less fitted if someone does not feel comfortable with a slightly fitted top. In the illustration, it shows it is quite fitted which was a mistake that couldn’t be fixed, but know that it was not intended to be as fitted as shown in the illustration.

Dear Reader, look forward to more illustrations in the future.


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