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Illustration: Sweater Weather

Dear Reader,

It’s been a while since my last illustration… and I think you can see have drastically my work has improved. Anyways, this piece is inspired by the cozy autumn weather plus what I have been loving lately.


As said above, this look is something that I would definitely wear as it’s super cozy plus it’s my style. I have also been seeing this look on Pintrest as well, which is what inspired me to create this design.

A loose knitted sweater is paired with the look. The neckline is supposedly a round style which sits close to the neck, while the sleeves are long and turn into bell sleeves at the ends. It gives a sort of summer look as well because of the flared sleeves. The hem of the sweater is tucked in close to the waist, which makes the sweater extra loose and not skin tight. It also contracts with the flare of the sleeves, which seems interesting but also super cozy to tuck into.

As this season is the middle of changing between light clothes to warm and cozy clothing, it seemed interesting to try and maybe pair two totally different things together. So, with the sweater came the skirt. It’s so unexpected as skirts are usually seen as more of a piece worn in the summer. However, I believe it can also be paired with certain items to make it more of a fall essential, such as this look. The skirt in the picture is flared quite widely, however if it was to be more casual then a slight flare would do. I imagine the material of this skirt to be slightly heavy but easy to wear, and able to keep one warm.

Under the look, I am definitely expecting a t-shit to be worn to keep oneself warmer, some leggings and probably a pair of flats or small wedged boots.

This look also consists of a scarf… which is poorly drawn. Sorry about that, I am still trying to understand the shading between the many different styles I wear. The scarf is in a simple wrap around look which does not require any pins and is sort of loose, but still covers your chest and your hair.

Dear Reader, I hope this look inspired you for some fall looks!


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