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Illustration: Winter Tulle

dear reader,

here is the third and final look of the mini winter collection of fashion illustrations. it’s more of a winter party fashion illustration.

5.5 x 8.5 in. watercolour and fine tip on water colour paper

media: Strathmore vision watercolour sketchbook, watercolour palate by Yarka, Curries watercolour paintbrush, SuperB Pentel BK77 pen, and Signo uni-ball white gel pen

this look is another look I wish I could pull off. for this one I actually have a reason, as medium length tulle skirts usually look good on tall people, not short (me). anyways, this look is a modest and fancy look that anyone can wear, and even those who wear hijab.

the look consists of a midi-length blue-ish tulle skirt which is the piece that I love the most. confession I have, I love midi tulle skirts, but have never worn one, even though i’m in love with them. the skirt is paired with a light gray sequined knitted sweater, which always reminds me of my best friends favourite top. white sequins cover the entire sweater, as well as a full strip of them at the end of the sweater. a black sweater and black tights are added to complete the look. gorgeous silver-blue platforms are added to the look, which I have been obsessed with lately.

the only bit of difficulty I had was of the shading of the tulle skirt. overall, I loved this illustration a lot. particularly because of the tulle skirt. this entire collection of winter illustrations has been nice to design and illustrate. it has been a stressful few weeks in my life, so it has been nice to just sit down and relax while doing something I love.

dear reader, look forward to more illustrations coming soon.


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  1. Wow! This is so beautiful. I wish I could draw as beautiful as you do.

    1. thank you! and I bet you could! it’s taken me quite a while to get to this stage of drawing. just practice everyday, it helps a lot!

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