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Inktober 2017

inktober twenty-seventeen

media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, Curries watercolour paintbrush, Higgens Black India Ink, Muji Ink Pen 0.38 (for detail)

this year was the first year i did inktober. i would say it was a success in terms of doing an ink illustration everyday, however, these weren’t my best pieces. i didn’t like most of them at all.

these illustrations didn’t go together at all one bit. there very inconsistent with one another, and the whole collection of illustrations did not have a particular theme. i tried to make the theme of putting a certain style of flowers, and leaves into each piece. i did this for many pieces but also did some without this style as i was getting bored of the idea. however, you can see that later one i started committing to the idea again. you can also see that the illustrations don’t go together at all as the styling is quite different between the pieces. the first few pieces are large, full of shading and details and outlines. in the middle, a collection of illustrations were made that were medium in size, had some detail and bush like details for pieces in the illustration. in the end, the illustration became quite small with details and a reappearance of the style of flowers and leaves. as an overall collection, it just didn’t look good.

these illustrations were also more of an experimentation with some techniques i wanted to try. these techniques included shading, and learning how to dilute the rich ink. i think overall, this was a success in learning as many of the illustrations turned out quite nice, if looking in this perspective. however, in some areas it dried out with hard lines which was a little disappointing. another technique i wanted to learn more about and get better at was drawing hands, which is why i illustrated four paintings with hands in different positions. i feel like they all turned out okay, except for one of them.

i’m hoping to do this again next year and improve in different way. overall, i will say that some turned out almost exactly how i wanted them to, if not better. apart for that, i just want to say that i am open to criticism, so comment down below telling me what i can do to improve or such. also, if you click on the illustrations, the title of the piece and a little description should come up. scroll down after you click it to view the full description. if you want to know about the inspiration or the process, you can look there. finally, here is a video compilation of every piece done. thanks for looking through! i really appreciate it!

inktober twenty-seventeen

1372 and 1392 aren’t here

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