Inspiration and Influences

Dear Reader.

We all are people and usually we get inspiration from others to start what we love. In truth, I have always loved sewing. Why? My mother is a seamstress not professionally but is known around our neighborhood and is able to alter and stitch for others. When we were younger and even now, she always made most of out clothes traditional and cultural, as they were two very different for us.

As I grew older, my inspiration for different outfits came from people that I saw walking around the streets, going into stores and seeing new clothes, looking through magazines and seeing what the stars are wearing. Seeing what’s in and what’s out, although I never followed that rule. Maybe for a few things but not all.

Inspiration for ideas came all around for me, and I started to actually want to learn how to do all this. I also love art and thought about maybe putting my ideas on paper. I didn’t know exactly how to start so I went on YouTube and looked for a decent yet easy way to start sketching my ideas down and to have a visual for other to see what I see in my head.

I then found Zyra Banez. Honestly, I think she is one of the people who put my mind into this project and to start to actually think about fashion in more depth. She taught me how to draw the basic figure, clothing, how to shade, what art supplies I would need and so much more. I think she is one of the main influences and one of the main people who helped me get started and I guess sort of guided me through my process of learning more about fashion designing.

I have so many more inspirations and influences that have effected me with the style that I draw in, the style of clothing and outfits I make and overall my ideas that are to do with fashion, and I thank everyone of them, even if you don’t no who I am.

Dear Reader, we all got to start somewhere!


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