life at university

university. nothing poetic about it. its a place and time filled with hardships and struggles and everything in between. i just started and i have many more years to go. it will become a constant roller coaster filled with ice coffee breaks, hours of note taking and sleeping during lectures while i “rest my hand.” so far, i am really happy with what has come out of my first semester being here. i have takin all the classes that i know that i will love no matter what. it was awful picking them because they are not the ones i need for my degree, but sort of extra while i take the pre-requisites that i thought i already had. although i may now be behind for my degree, i am loving my first term and probably my first year. i’ve taken the history of mathematics (that’s what i call it cause the actual name is too long), a class on the history and rights of children, a maths class, and a basic how to uni class (the person telling me my courses gave me this… turns out its actually helpful). the class that i’m enjoying the most is history of mathematics because i get to learn about two things i love, history and math. yes, i know. i’m weird. but these two things are my passion. also, my degree is in math, so if i didn’t like math it would be a big problem.

friends are people who come in go in life, but if you become a friend with me, you are now forever stuck with me. i made some friends thankfully that were made in class and during orientation week, or what we call freshman week. we have become friends that encourage one another to go on and remind them that we are all here for a reason. as well as to encourage either to not face plant on our notes while in the middle of a lecture. although we haven’t become to close, i am kind of glad. i became so close with my friends in high school that i don’t want to replace them. nobody can ever replace them no matter what. the secrets we shared, the moments we had, the tears we hid from others. nothing can replace those memories or the people. they all are too special for me to let go. that’s why texting, calling each other, and meeting up are mandatory. although its been hard, i have managed to stay close with them through all these until now. i regularly talk to them all as much as i can. we all have different schedules and it can be really hard, but we make it work, and it makes me so happy we do. if i can continue having conversations with one of my best friends who has now lived overseas for the past two years, i can definitely keep a good relation with those who are still around me. well, now i’m crying. (i’m writing this on my way back from uni… this is not good!) thanks friends!

anyways, i just came here to say, that university is hard. it has its ebbs and flows. but the people you surround yourself with and the courses you take will help you get through. if you’re having a hard time, talk to your professor or even to the therapist across your campus. however, the best therapists in your life are probably your friends. they already know what you’ve been through and they are probably going through the same thing. apart from that, i just want you all to know, that so far this new life i have come to live in, is very stressful and has many twists and turns coming up, but i have had a good few months here so far. onward to the next few years of my new life! good luck to you too!


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