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lil landscapes

a few lil sketches i did a couple months ago of landscapes that i love with a few notes about them below

denmark . small colourful buildings in rows along the water canal . small boats lined up along the edges of the river . a beautiful instagram worthy view . || a little farmhouse in the pararies on a clif . pen on the side where animals stay . there is a thatched roof with hay . there is a body of water on the other side of the clif . around the area of where poldark is filmed . || hobbiton . baggend . bilbo baggins door to his house . red door, wooden frames, and bushes all around . “i think i’m quite ready for another adventure” . || hobbiton . shire with waterfalls . mountains . bridge . trees and grass and green everywhere . hobbit houses hidden within . breathtaking . || a field of wild flowers swaying in the wind . yellow flowers . perfect for photography instagram .

ps. sorry for the late upload . i finished my last exam today, and didn’t have time to finish today’s post . better late than never! hope you enjoyed these lil sketches!

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