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memories from eid

Eid Mubarak !!!

here’s a lil bit about this eid, which is called eid-ul-adha. it is celebrated on the 10th day of the last month of the islamic calendar, after muslims from around the world complete pilgrimage, or hajj, to Mecca, Saudia Arabia. it’s one of the few things muslims should do, but only if they are able to afford it, however it’s not compulsory in islam. another reason why this eid is important, is due to muslims sacrificing an animal, usually goats, or cows, to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham. these are just a few basic things you should know about why we celebrate eid-ul-adha!

we’ve been celebrating eid all of our lives, and it’s honestly the few days thats we go hardcore party mode… well kind of. for me eid is my favourite day, because everyone’s happy, wearing gorgeous clothes and just having a great time.  i just wanted to make a lil list of memories that i have had over the past years of eid.

  • celebrating eid-ul-adha in pakistan was probably the best eid’s. even though our parents weren’t with us, as that year they had gone for hajj! we were with all of our cousins, and aunts and uncles, and our grandmothers and it was just great. we all celebrated with both sides and with our cousins we just had a great time!
  • every year we invite people over for brunch after the eid prayer in the morning. those are filled with so many family friends just celebrating and having the best times.
  • that one party after eid, where all the mothers and kids went to the someone’s house, and it was the best! aunties singing and kids screaming. it was very loud, but loads of fun!
  • all the times that people came to out house to put on henna or mehndi the night before eid. when we were little, we would also put on adam’s world in the background while we all talked.
  • although it wasn’t the best for us since we were so young, but the one time on eid where we sacrificed an animal here in canada. when eid-ul-adha was that cold day in the winter and it was constantly snowing. it was just me, my sister, my brother, and another lil girl. our dads were out, and we were in an old crowded lil house where the cold was coming in, and they were constantly cooking stakes outside. it was so cold.

dear reader, if you have any favourite eid or holiday memories comment down below!


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