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memories from my first friend

writing prompt: write to your first friend

you were the first person that was my friend outside of family friends. i talked with you all by myself. my sister wasn’t at my side, nor my parents pushing me to make a new friend and talk to someone my age. we were so young then but became fast friends. i don’t remember many of our early memories together, but i know we enjoyed each others company greatly. i remember you inviting me to your birthday parties, and where we made those necklaces together. i still have it, and i really love it… even though there were just a bunch of beads strung together. i remember the nicknames we had for each other. we had the same nickname, banana as some people called us. i still don’t understand why, because it suited you much better. thankfully, sam stuck better. i remember your mother being the most funniest person, and we would constantly be laughing whenever i saw her. i remember the soccer games we had together. i remember when my sister started school, you were nice enough that we could include her in our group. i remember the long summer days in the park, where we would play sleeping lions, soccer and so many more fun games. i remember all the tricks we started doing on the monkey bars trying to perfect the art. i also remember when i moved away. i didn’t think it would be too hard cause i was used to moving around, and we only spent three years in the small town. but leaving you and all our other friends proved to be quite difficult. we kept in touch for a few years after that and soon lost contact. i haven’t talked to you now in over ten years, but i still smile whenever i think of all the fun times we had together. thanks for being a great first friend!

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