memories in the snow

I am a muslim, as you probably know. I don’t celebrate the holidays that are during this time of year. however, because of school activities and a ton of my close friends being those who celebrate during these holidays, I know a lot about the holidays. specifically the songs and activities that go on. ever since elementary school, we would have these assemblies that would be dedicated to singing the Christmas carols, and we would put on these assemblies that would be dedicated for the holidays. it was a fun time, not gonna lie. apart from what was going on at school, I never really did anything for the holidays, and to be honest I wasn’t even interested.

my family and I have had some cool winter celebrations of our own. we’d have movie nights every other night. we would go to our friends house in the other building in the middle of the night, just for some tea for the adults, and popcorn and monopoly for us kids. we’d have my mom’s amazing hot chocolate, and if we were lucky we would be able to find some halal marshmallows to eat with it. other memories would include the amount of parties and get-togethers we would go to while freezing in our thin but super fancy clothes. a big reason I could never wait for the winter season was for finally being able to get to the library and getting piles and piles of books to read. even now, I will say that I love to just sit cozied up with a blanket, and some tea or hot chocolate with a book to read or a sketchbook in my hand. definitely one way to feel extra cozy when the winter wind is in the air.

our winter’s were not as festive as others, but we have some amazing memories nonetheless. an annual event, I guess, would be that us and some friends would go to this huge hill that we would usually roll down in the summer. but in the winter, we’d go down it on our sled’s and toboggans! the dad’s would come with us too and sometimes the moms! usually we’d all end up in a huge snowball fight covered in snow from head to toe. we’d race to the cars and our mom’s would be waiting with the heater on, and hot chocolate and warm croissants. these have definitely been the best memories of the winter season!


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  1. I love reading these snapshots into other people’s lives, great post, made me smile!

    1. aww thank you! I love these journal type entries too, so I thought it would be nice to share my own bits here <3 have a good day!

      1. It was definitely an interesting read, I like hearing about other people’s experiences! you too <3

  2. Hot chocolates and warm croissants sound like a holiday treat itself! This is such a lovely post <3

    1. it definitely was for us! thank you <3

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