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memories of twenty-seventeen

dear reader,

this past year has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions and memories. i have had many ups and many downs this year. many heartbreaks, many headaches and many memories made through all this. many goals were set. a few broke halfway through due to circumstances and some actually made it through to the other side.

my life in general has been kind of rough this past month due to personal matters that I’ve tried to deal with but gave up half way through. the heartache has been enough to last me a while. my year however, was filled with laughs and cries due to a few chapters in my life ending, and new ones beginning. memories were still made day in and day out. the people by my side have stayed the same, and some faces have reappeared in my life that i am so grateful to have again. i have missed them for many years and i can’t ever begin to explain how much i cherish them being back in my life. one of them would be my best friend, who i haven’t seen in years. along with a cousin who i haven’t seen in more than a decade who decided to surprise us in the middle of day and has come to stay. oh how I’ve missed these moments.

as I’ve said I’ve made many many memories with the people i love throughout this past year with marshmallows toasting upon a fire in the middle of the night, to exploring new places in the big city, to running around an open field with the sunset behind us… as well as a very weird and tall bicycle… I’ve also completed many personal goals. a few i will state include reading more books, watching more shows, spending more time with my family, reuniting with the friends who i have lost in touch with and so much more.

one big goal i started to have early this year, was to do more for this blog. this blog has officially been running for three years now. at the beginning of the year, i had about 50 followers. once i started posting more on this blog, created a twitter account and partaked in actually engaging with other bloggers online, i started to gain a better following and found out how many other amazing people are out there trying to get their voice out. whether it was to encourage others, to speak out on issues that they believed, or wanted to be recognized for all the wonderful work they put into what they love, i honestly couldn’t have done it without all of them. they continue to inspire and make me have the desire to actually put a step forward. this blog has been moving quiet slowly if you would compare it to others who have started blogging this year and already have gained hundreds to thousands of followers. i honestly feel blessed to how my blog has progressed. i have been able to find my style and find the voice, and find what i love to put forward into the world. this year was big for me as i gained so much, and finally reached a goal of surpassing a hundred followers! i’m still in shock that this actually occurred!

this post is dedicated to everyone who has made this year one hell of a ride for me. from my friends to my family, who have helped me through this tough year and who have created all these amazing memories with. from all the bloggers and followers who have helped to encourage me to keep pursuing what i want without knowing. and to everyone who i haven’t met yet. thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a wonderful year. i wish you all a time full of happiness, and laughter, and tears and everything that will make you, you!

dear reader, here’s to the new year! <3


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  1. May 2018 brings you love and joy!

    1. thank you! and to you too 🙂

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