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Illustration: Modest in The New Year

dear reader,

here is an illustration perfect for the new year. this look is quite modest but also formal. the look consists of a shiny silver peplum top with flared sleeves, black flared pants, and a black hijab.

5.5 x 8.5 in. watercolour and fine tip on water colour paper

media: Strathmore vision watercolour sketchbook, watercolour palate by Yarka, Curries watercolour paintbrush, SuperB Pentel BK77 pen, and Signo uni-ball white gel pen

this outfit is definitely something I would wear as it’s modest, loose and seems like something comfortable while being fancy. the top is a slightly long peplum top with flared sleeves. the neckline and sleeves, as you can see have sequins and glitter adding a bit of a pop against the silver material of the top. this top is slightly longer and covers until your thighs which I think is quite modest for this look. I was thinking about making it into a dress instead but I thought it wouldn’t showcase the look and attitude of what I was trying to portray.

the person who would be wearing this is fierce and confident in who she is. she is always on the run looking to get her work done. going to a new years party, she threw on this quick ensemble and paired it with a sequined black satchel.

this look was difficult to paint to say the least. I loved trying to manipulate a silver shimmery look to the fabric of the top. I won’t say that it turned out to be terrible, but it was definitely not done the best. it was a good experience overall trying to manipulate the colours and fabric that I was going for. overall, I would say that I am in love with this look, but I hope the metallic technique becomes better overtime.

dear reader, happy new year!!


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  1. Did you do this illustration? It’s really great!

    1. yes I did! thank you so much! I really appreciate it <3

      1. Great job!

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