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monday the twenty first of august twenty seventeen

monday the twenty first of august twenty seventeen, was a bittersweet day in many ways. I hung out with three of my best friends for one last time before we part for the upcoming school year. I went on a tour to an area that I have wished to reside in for so long, but I am unfortunately not going to be. I admired and bought many new art supplies that I wish to use for professional work, yet I am still an artist that is still finding her style, and won’t be able to do anything professionally for a long while.

monday the twenty first of august twenty seventeen, was a day filled with many memories with three of my best friends. we laughed. we talked. we enjoyed our time together. whenever the four of us do something together, it is always so memorable. we toured a beautiful campus, and remembered are time here before with our previous class. we then hid for a couple of hours from a beautiful moment in our life called the solar eclipse for we were afraid that something may happen to us somehow. it was mostly our mothers but we didn’t mind, as we ate our lunch within a great building with many places to wander about. subway and timmies (tim hortons) for lunch, along with some ice capps, and later on a bubble tea. we wandered within the centre looking at clothes, shoes, makeup, and so much more. we visited mac, nyx, and sephora and came out looking amazing with shimmery cheekbones and glossy lips, and who can forget that silver eyeliner! we walked along for a couple hours and checked out some books and more. we later escaped that enclosed building and soon made our way to an art shop that we all have come to love. along the way we saw a beautiful green area where many pictures were taken. the art shops were beautiful and breathtaking and filled to the tip with art supplies. we spent about an hour in each as we gathered our precious materials that we have wanted for so long. afterwards we stopped by to get ice cream and decided not to as we had spent to much that day on art supplies alone. we travelled back home on the train and said our farewells, as we knew that we would not be able to see one another again for a while.

monday the twenty first of august twenty seventeen, was a day that I will forever remember as it was the day I was able for the first time allowed to go out wander the city with my friends. a city far from where I or my friends reside. a city unknown that has not been travelled much by I or my family. I was able to explore and express myself how I wanted to within the pleasant company of my beloved friends. it was a day that I left my friends knowing that once we see each other again we will be adults and have learned from our past mistakes. it was a day that I was able to see that the great big old city is not exactly like how I feared it to be. it was a day that I found out that its hard to leave behind the best of friends. it was a day that I learned that some goodbyes are never going to be the end.


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