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more like friend week

a lil note before we begin: this post was written about my reading week in march of twenty-eighteen. definitely a time that i will forever remember. thanks friends!

we hadn’t seen each other since the start of our university careers. it’s been hard getting used to being in a new place without any of you. for the first few months it was really hard on us all, based on our constant messages in between classes. being away from you all is starting to become slightly normal. however, not being able to see you everyday has still not processed in my mind. seeing you all in reading week, was so nice and i’m much happier after seeing you all again.

back in high school + book shopping

going back to high school with the same friend, was similar to last time, however, this time was just an hour catch up session with a friend who is still attending the school.. we rarely get to see or talk to each other anymore as she is younger than me, and it’s just getting harder as we have such different schedules from one another. we talked, we laughed and caught up with each others life that continued to move forward while the other was away. i ended up leaving sooner than i thought, but ended up in the library far from my old life, yet with a close and old friend. we got some books, and decided to walk to a café to eat, finding out that it was closing down. during our long walk to chapters from the library, we talked and caught up, and she told me about the time she almost set fire to her dorm. i am living my dorming experience through her. thanks for the hilarious stories! sitting between the shelves hidden away at the bookstore with our starbucks is a new memory added to my list. although, i didn’t want to leave, it was great seeing you again after so long!

mall adventures + surprise visits

i ended up meeting with three of my closest friends from high school at the mall. it has become a regular tradition, and although we hadn’t been able to see each other for so long, the time went by too fast with conversations, laughs and catching up on our lives. getting there, i found a friend who i didn’t know would show up! it was honestly great to see her again as i hadn’t seen her since our graduation! we walked around the mall looking at random accessories, books and art supplies as usual. surprisingly didn’t go to any makeup stores. also, i saw connor franta’s actual collection at urban outfitters, and i was so happy about it! didn’t end up getting anything, but I was very happy about it! we ended up at the food court having lunch and catching up with our adventures from uni and the life we now live far away from each other. we tried to prolong our stay there as much as we could, but ended up having to leave due assignments and studying.

thrift shopping

thrift shopping is a thing that both me and my friend (who loved fashion even more than i do), want to do more. in the past, we’ve only been once and it was at a more high branded thrift store. this time we went to one that had literally everything. we went around and looked at the clothes, books, and a random assortment of objects that were hidden at the back. we ended up spending the most time in the guys section just because we wanted better sweater, and graphic tees. i didn’t end up getting anything from there but she got loads. she ended up getting complimented by our cashier, and having a conversation of the “new fashion” of girls shopping in the boys section. although i didn’t get any sweaters or anything, i ended up finding this beautiful dress that was basically designed for me in every aspect. i was very reluctant to get it just because i barely buy anything in general, but my friend insisted I get it. i was planning to cut it up and add something to it, but turns out it fits me perfectly! so, i kind of have to thank her for forcing me to get it. afterword’s, we ended up going to the tim hortons nearby and catching up on the rest of our crazy university life.

snakes and lattes

as if the three days weren’t enough to dedicate to friends, a bunch of us decided to meet up as a group and went to a board game café downtown! it was honestly quite fun! although there weren’t many of us, we still had tons of fun playing games and eating and catching up. everyone knows i’m apparently quite innocent, but my friends somehow got me to play cards against humanity… it was interesting to say the least. we also played this game which is basically broken telephone, but with drawing, which was hilarious to say the least! here’s a tip, play this game with song lyrics, it will always turn out hilarious!

this reading week was supposed to be productive for me, however I spent time with all of you and I absolutely loved it. although in the end, I was done with people and didn’t want to see anyone anymore for a good few months, I really appreciated all the talks and games and everything we did! although, i say this probably too many time, i genuinely appreciate my friends for who they are and how they raised me these past few years. these few memories made with you all are definitely what I will be holding on to get through the rest of the year.


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