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peach picking and kittens

feet aching. tired smiles. light shining through the blinds. it’s the end of a great day spent out with my family. we went fruit picking, as we do at least once every year. only around the time where the peaches come out. and of course the plums. usually, we take someone with us, but this year we spent it with just us. it was kinda nice not having to care about the other people thinking we were a crazy family. i mean my sister probably wouldn’t be screaming while running around while they were here. or just lying down in the middle of the field cause we were tired. or playing cricket with the already fallen down peaches that were no good to take home. (we split one perfectly in half!) we collected peaches, and apricots and some plums later on. we ate many while we were there, and collected enough for about a month… or a week… for us. we ran around like crazy when we were well away from the rest of the people. we screamed and let out everything. we explored and found some old rustic things. we even found the mini pond we found last year! we also found a grasshopper that my sister ended up catching! we ended up leaving only a few hours later, but ended up finding chickens. beside the road. almost crossing the road! we thought it was hilarious, so we turned around to take a picture and ended up finding a mini farm with loads of animals of all kinds! we saw chickens, and dogs, and alpacas, and horses in the back. the best part, there were some kittens! which all three of us were obsessing over and just petting the entire time. after we left, we did some shopping and came home just a bit before the sunset. light shining through the blinds. tired smiles. feet aching. a perfect way to end the day.

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  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Love this post, thanks for sharing. What would you say was your favorite part of the day?

    1. aww thank you! my favourite part was probably my entire family and i just running around and screaming at the back of the field! it was hilarious to say the least!

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