Dear Reader,

For a while now, I have been keep on going on this website called Polyvore. Let me start at the beginning. Whenever I have time, me and a close friend of mine, always look through an app called Polyvore. We are literally obsessed with it., so I finally decided to make an account about a week ago.

So, anyways, on Polyvore, you basically can look through a bunch of different fashions and some other stuff like house stuff, but I mainly stick to the fashion section of the site. I literally look through all the clothes, shoes and designs and go crazy.

You can also make collections, sets and templates. I have for now only made 4 sets which I guess would represent me, and are also all fairly modest. For collections, I am waiting until I have completed a couple sets so they can be part of the collection. For templates, I have no idea what they are about, so if any of you know what it is, please tell me.

So, basically remember all the ‘Perfect Outfits’ I created. I used paint for that. Now I am going to be using Polyvore, cause it’s easier to see where everything is from and its more neat as well. Also, I may change the ‘Perfect Outfits’ name thing cause it seems …. I don’t I just don’t like it. So, I will be changing it soon. Also, I will be positng a little description of my outfit sets that I made on Polyvore.

My account name on Polyvore is: fashioneestylee

Dear Reader, try out Polyvore and create your own set and share it with me!



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