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small town memories

writing prompt: write about the first place you ever knew

i was born in a small town right on the edge of the us and mexico. it was filled with people of all kids. different faiths. different religions. different backgrounds. different faces. different everything. i was only two or almost three when we left. from the stories that are told and the people who knew us and the pictures that we’ve kept, we still remember the memories from that small town. the memories between us few cousins. the memories of my sister and i when we were just babies. the memories of muslim families getting together and not being too afraid. i don’t remember everything, but what i do is what makes me love the small town i was in even more. the trampoline we used to play on with our cousins. the get-togethers of all the muslim community. the locking our mom out of the house for hours. the small fair we went to that one time. the time we got scared of the fake but huge and accurate dinosaurs. the time we went to the zoo and got obsessed with those flamingos. the time we went to mexico for a wedding. the time that we went back to the small town for that wedding. the time where we found that huge lizard climbing the wall beside the curtains. the time that you and i almost drowned all those ants in their home. the time we ran up and down the stairs of thia’s house. all these times were spent with the people we loved and places we loved to be. one day, i will go back and visit these places to relive these memories that were almost forgotten.

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