the final goodbye

here we are. the final goodbye. the final wave to all the memories that have brought me here. i’m leaving a place that has built me up through experiences that I would never have gotten if the other path was chosen. the friends I made. the teachers I met. the stuff I was taught. in a building that has seen many of the memories made from the past four years. a place where lasting friendships were made through classes and similar favourites. the place where new hobbies and likes were found. the place where one grew to become the person they are today. the process to get to where we are now had many highs and lows due to countless amount of reasons that may seem so unnecessary now compared to what’s yet to come. it’s hard to think that in a few months I won’t be returning to the comfort and familiarity to this place, or even to the people. we all have spread out quickly, far and wide to achieve our dreams that we have had since we were so little. so. just a final word to all the people and the memories made. please don’t forget. don’t forget the laughter and tears. don’t forget the memories we’ve made. don’t forget the random deep philosophical talks we had in the middle of the hallways. don’t forget the secrets we shared. don’t forget us fangirling over the people that inspire us. don’t forget the three hour trips to chapters. don’t forget the many trips to the mall where all we did was talk and eat and try to put on makeup. don’t forget our trips to the art gallery. don’t forget our summer parties. don’t forget the weird faces we used to pull on each other. don’t forget the many trips to timmies. don’t forget the singing outside by the green benches. don’t forget the art projects that we came to love. don’t forget “the face.” don’t forget the dances we made. don’t forget the dancing during gym class. don’t forget the library visits. don’t forget our secret hideouts. don’t forget the pointed finger. don’t forget the books we’ve read. don’t forget the art we created. don’t forget the friends we made. don’t forget the people we met. don’t forget the memories we made. please don’t forget me. please let us stay in touch. don’t let this be the final goodbye to such a beautiful friendship.

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