Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA) Writing

the flowers in her hair

prompt: she loved her garden and there was nothing she found more relaxing than spending a morning there (descriptive writing)

The first beam of light for the day was shown through a window displaying a fairly moderate sized bedroom with a single bed, a desk and a couple of filled bookshelves ranging of books of all kinds. A teenage girl should live here perhaps, with her desk filled up with pencils and papers and textbooks all scattered around and Polaroid’s of a girl and her friends. Alas, the bed is made and the window seems ajar above the window, swaying back and forth by a sudden breeze. Right below seems to be the one who’s room it seems to be, sitting in the middle of a bed of flowers coloured in pastels. She sat with her wavy hair flowing to the end of her waist with flowers braided into, and sitting in an off-white nightgown reading a novel and watching the sunrise. Setting her book down on the damp grass beside her, she stood up stretching out and admiring the golden sparkle shimmering among the area in front of her. Breathing deeply in and out the fresh morning breeze and walking around with her book in hand, she felt like she was ready to begin her day.

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this is a lil writing exercise i did two years ago for a course i was doing, which i absolutely loved. hope you enjoyed this lil excerpt!


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