the heart sings with joy

the past few weeks have been the same day in and day out. lectures to go to. problems to solve. pages and pages of notes to revise and rewrite. in and out of university, constantly doing something productive. whether it may be homework, notes, readings, writing, inktober and so on. i haven’t been able to do something for myself with someone else in a while. this weekend has been filled with catching up with all my friends who have now been spread out. through text and video chat and even meeting with a good friend. video chatting for an hour in the middle of the night catching up and talking about anything and everything. texting my friends from forever ago and catching up on what has been going on in their life. meeting up with my friend for those five hours while catching up and talking about clothes and everything that was going on. sometimes my heart sings with joy for these precious moments that last a few hours. i haven’t felt this way in so long and this is the feeling i wish to feel every day no matter who i see and what i have been doing. so thank you to all those people who helped my heart sing with joy. thank you for everything then and now. you are the best.


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