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the not-so-good bit

the bad days and the days where you feel like you can’t do anything, that’s the not-so-good bit of life. unfortunately, we’ve all had them at some point in our life. sometimes they only last a day. sometimes a week. sometimes months. and sometimes even a year or two. I’ve unfortunately experienced many not-so-good days that sometimes all I wanted to do was just give up and stop trying to do whatever I was doing, or whatever I had to do. however, you can’t just pause and fall asleep. even if you take a rest or shut your eyes, the world keeps moving meaning you still have to do your part in the world. there will always be something bad happening that could potentially ruin your day or week or year. you have to keep moving. my advice is to take some time soaking up this moment and let your brain wander free. but after that, just start. start your homework. start cleaning. start doing work. just do something to keep you busy. there are going to be many negative thoughts up in your head, but try to keep busy and hopefully those will go away. i don’t remember exactly where I heard this but this piece of advice always stayed with me.

“there will always be negativity in the world and in your life. it is your decision to keep thinking about it and let it ruin your day, or to let it get to you for a second and then start moving. there will always be a little negativity in those good times, and there will always be some positives in the worst of times.”

personally, this has helped me through a lot. if I ever had a really bad day, at the end I look back to whatever happened and even just a small gesture from someone, a smile or conversation from a friend, the sun being out, seeing a beautiful moment occur, always gave me hope that something good did happen despite having a terrible day. so, thanks to all the little moments made between my friends, my family, strangers and even just with myself. thanks for the little cheer up. i needed it, and it helped.


ps. if this fails, put glitter on your face, and have a dance party. good luck beautiful.

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