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the process of conquering your fears – step one

one goal I have had since creating a “fashion” blog was to start posting images of myself in outfits that I love. it didn’t matter if it was in style or not. if I loved it and wanted to share the look with others, I would post it.

it’s taken me more than three years to find the courage to start.

the reason it’s taken me so long is minuscule to so many, but a big fear for me. the fear of being judged of what i look like and not who i am on the inside. when posting pictures of myself in different outfits online, i’m opening up for the world to criticize my appearance and that’s hard. i wanted to start this to show others that you can still wear nice outfits that are like any other while still being modest and wearing a hijab.

i am like everyone else. trying to fit in with a body that i’m insecure in because it doesn’t look like the rest. trying to fit in while wearing a hijab and being Muslim knowing many people will hate on me. trying to fit in by publicising who I am (without showing my face) and what I love to the world.

i know its hard to fit in, and honestly, i’m trying my best to turn away from it. i’m starting to erase that as a priority on my to-do list. the priority now is to show others that yes i do not look like the people posted up high on billboards, however, i still want to show others that i love fashion. yes i am short and have some flaws, yet i’m still standing tall with what i have to say and spread in the world. yes i have a tan looking complexion (i prefer an almond sort of shade please) and i am muslim, yet i still love to do something other than what is stereotyped about my community. and yes i am a decent human being despite what others may say, or how i may look.

so, here is the post of the one goal i had when starting this blog. to finally have the courage to show others what i wear and how to wear it, when wearing a hijab. this post is not only a post of accomplishment for finally starting to post what i started this blog for, or for finally having the courage to post and show others what i love. but for finally, conquering my fears (just a little). and even though its just a little, it feels to me so much more than anyone will ever know. this is only the start.

step one: stop thinking. start doing. DONE


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  1. mash’Allah you’re such a beaut *high-five* to facing your fears, love. I’m also doing the same except I’m starting a youtube channel which is absolutely scary, haha. anyway, lovely post! i look forward to seeing more <3

    1. jazakallah! i really appreciate it <3 and good luck to you to! can't wait to see your videos! <3

      1. awh, ameen wa eeyak <3

  2. bingingonabudget says:

    Keep writing, this post was great!

    1. thank you! <3

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