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the reason for my absence

dear reader,

the reason for my absence and lack of online presence these past couple of days has been due to the countless days filled to the brim of activities being completed with my family and my friends. even some that were just for me. as said in countless other posts this is my sort of last summer or last few days that are going to be like the past. soon a new chapter will start and i’m trying to make my last few moments a good one.

around mid-august my family and I went for a weekend vacation just two to four hours from where I reside. it was a great weekend as we did many fun and exciting activities that we haven’t done for a long time, or haven’t done at all. this was also a vacation we all had after about seven to eight years, as the last one was when we all went to Pakistan when I was in middle school.

my cousin and aunt and uncle have also been over for almost two weeks. and although they are leaving in just a few days, my time with them has been unforgettable. we have been to a theme park, fruit picking, gone under a large waterfall and so much more. and of course, we have had countless movie nights! (right now, we are re-watching the final harry potter movie!)

this entire month has also been a month dedicated to my wonderful friends from these past couple of years. we had our annual summer party (this was the second year). a couple of us went downtown and went shopping for art supplies, makeup and clothes. my reading buddy and I spent awhile at a bookstore. another friend and I had samosas and jelabi in a near by park. and of course my fashion enthusiast friend and I went shopping in a street filled with vintage stores, a coffee place or two, and a lake where we sat and chatted for awhile. even though some of my closest friends don’t live near me anymore, I still was able to chat with them almost daily about everything throughout this summer.

as you can tell, it’s been quite hectic in my life this month and the past. so please excuse me for my absence this past month. I still have many ideas and posts in my so do not fear as I am planning to post more in the coming future. however, this next month will also be quite busy with me settling into my new surroundings, so please excuse me for the lack of posts that may come.

dear reader, I hope you enjoyed beda even though I didn’t make it all the way through.


ps. EID MUBARAK and hope you have a wonderful eid!

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