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the sighting of a (almost) full moon

the sighting of a (almost) full moon

5.5 x 8.5 in . watercolour and ink on mix media paper

media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, watercolour palate by Yarka, Curries watercolour paintbrush, Higgens Black India Ink, Crayola Pencil Crayons and Signo uni-ball white gel pen

it has been so long since I recall, the last I saw of the moon. the white and gray smears of dust that have created a well lit and almost round globe that floats in the galaxy. it rotates around us. or do we rotate around it? it appears in the darkest of the night when there seems to be no light in us or the sky above. a ball of shining light illuminates above the ocean up ahead. it casts a spotlight on the city that refuses to go to bed. they are those that are up partying at night, chatting away on the phone, and working until the sun rises once again. they never stop. they are ones that are always in full speed to go to their destination and make a success in their future dreams. however. there are some that stay up. the ones that seem to gaze up ahead at the black canvas of the roof above their heads. these few are the ones that would instead be writing poetry in their heads or dreaming of dreams that will never be said. they are the ones who wish upon a star. the ones who gaze up ahead at that little dot that seems to be full of nothingness but turns out to be something full of hopes and desires. the ones that are up in their heads at all times and never seem to be in the present. the ones who have a mix of incoherent madness always floating around amidst the clouds up in their head. these are the ones who wish to stop. stop time. stop all the madness of the world. and just wait. wait for something to happen. not to themselves, but to others. they will sit for hours in a bookshop. a coffee shop. in the middle of an open park. only to see what may happen next. these are the ones that will wait hours. days. weeks. months. years. just to see a glimpse of an almost full moon.


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