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twenty-eighteen : a year in review

dear reader,

it’s been a while to say the least. it’s been a hectic past couple of months with university and life happening at the same time. as you can tell, I haven’t been able to write in a while due to … things constantly happening in my life. i’ve also lost the touch of writing and have had no inspiration or motivation. this post is sort of a review of my twenty-eighteen. yes, the outside world in general has been terrible to say the least, and to be honest my personal life has been the same. yikes. i also added a few sketches and some memories from the past year. so have fun taking a look into my past year. (just looked outside while writing this at uni, and it’s finally snowing! it’s a sign that it will be a good year…i hope!)

so, university. my first year ended and my second year started… it was a time to say the least. there was a strike that was happening for around five months which impacted my schedule greatly for both my winter and summer courses of last year. i don’t really want to get into it because it’s both personal and i just don’t want to look back again on everything that happened which was just really annoying. let’s just say it was a rough time to say the least. for university, i also started my second year, which is still going on and is going alright.  i had a hard time during the first semester for various reasons, which wasn’t the best. the good part of last year which was university based, was that i actually finally got some uni friends! finally! although they don’t all know each other, it’s nice that i finally have some people here that i can hang out with here who are also part of my program!

this year i finally started writing again in my journal. about anything and everything. it’s my diary and a mini sketchbook for my day to day thoughts and ideas. i’ve been really inspired from tumblr and pintrest with other peoples journals. honestly, i’ve been loving writing like this again as i haven’t for a long time. i even started writing some other ish which are not necessarily about my life. it’s not the best since i just started this kind of writing, but it’s the start of something new (sings high school musical) and i’m so excited about where it will take me! i may even  start posting some of my art pages on here and my Instagram @saamstaa (#spon).

this past year, i finally got a job! (if you haven’t noticed by some of my posts) i mean i already had one from before, but that was more of a once-a-week-at-home kind of thing, while tutoring elementary school kids. now, i am still tutoring and helping kids in maths and english, but i am now an employee in an actual business. it’s been a lot of fun to learn new things such as the content each grade is learning and what they are being taught, and how to teach them, and how to communicate with them. also, it’s good to know what most kids are struggling with so in the future, i’ll know what content to focus more on. it’s been such a great experience so far!

let’s just say that i have literally been surviving on ice capps and timmies the past year. (i literally am having one with my lunch right now!) it’s not an addiction…

twenty-eighteen was one year that i wasn’t able to find time for art and had very little inspiration in general which wasn’t the best since i have this whole blog to run that’s based on art. i tried to do as much as i could in one sitting since i never knew when i would have time later on. i had literally spent a month or more from not doing any art or writing which was horrible since i had no time. the most i would get out would be all over my lecture notes for stats and calculus… which isn’t the best thing. my goal for twenty-nineteen is to actually spend some more time doing art and writing, which is why i started a journal. it actually does help a lil but it’s alright. i’ll find some time in the summer to actually do this!


the year of twenty-eighteen. aka the year of me trying not to fall asleep in the bus going back and forth from university. i have listened to many many podcasts. is it a problem like my ice capp (not) addiction? who knows. all i know is that it has helped me stay awake in the mornings and late night rides on the bus. if you would like to know, some of the podcasts i have been enjoying are included in my favourite podcasts post i did in august! a few more that i have been loving are talk direction, elle tries, and the flip side – ashley’s lens. be sure to check these out! they are perfect to listen to in long drives and while writing or drawing!

i have created a new friend this past year. her name is fern and she is my one and only friend. i don’t know what type of plant she is, but she is the one thing that is thriving in my life. check out the post my friend @nagayama did of her! we love a famous fern.

apart from fern, i hung out with some new and some old friends which was great every single time! i always feel like i don’t say it enough, but i appreciate and love my friends so much! i got to start of the year with a friend just roaming around chapters, and got to end it with friends doing art in a library and roaming around the mall. we created many memories together this past year and i get to cherish them forever through pictures and videos and through my journal! thanks for such an amazing year! love you loads my friendos!

i made a goal this year of reading a good amount of real, in the flesh and ink books throughout the year. that didn’t go as planned, but i did get to read some good ones in the beginning of the year. although i didn’t get to read a lot of actual books, i read an embarrassingly amount of wattpad books and fanfictions. yikes. anyways, this is again a goal for twenty-nineteen that i do hope to complete this time around!

this was my twenty-eighteen. not too much fun, but i got to hang out with friends, read a bit, write some, do a lil bit of art and a whole load of things in the summer of memories made with my family and friends which are now saved in polaroids and art throughout my room. thank you once again to all the people in my life who made my twenty-eighteen slightly better. thank you for the memories and the new adventures. now, twenty-nineteen, i hope we get the same from you!

dear reader, tell be about your favourite memories throughout twenty-eighteen, and wishing you the best for twenty-nineteen!


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