week one of year two

a week of anxiety. a week of late entries. a week where everything somehow happens to go wrong. that’s what my first week has been going as. the fact that i’ve tried to write this simple post more than three times says enough. as for everything else, let’s just say that i arrived at both class and work late a few times because traffic and i forgot that rush hour is still a thing. and that it’s worse once the school year begins. i’ve already attended all of my classes at least once for the upcoming term. some of them seem pretty easy and don’t have much more i need to learn and remember. the others however, are a bit of a challenge. i mean i’ve never done computer science or worked with programs that require coding. well, let’s just say that there are three new programs i need to learn where coding or some form of it is required. i don’t even know why i have to take these courses cause i’m not a computer science major, i’m a math major. yikes. i’ve also been having trouble with getting my life together and organized where i get to do what i want and need to. and also sleep. well. that’s not going well cause i’ve had maybe a few hours of sleep and even no sleep in the past week. my body loves to keep me healthy. instead of sleeping i’ve been reading, watching ish on netflix, or drawing (shocker!). it’s only like this as i don’t have too much work at the moment. i’ve drawn a lot this past week. to help me sleep at night and to keep me awake during bus rides. it actually has been loads of fun! i’ve even started planning bits and pieces for this inktober, and tons of ideas for future projects! it’s been a struggle to say the least about the past week. i’m trying tho now. my goal by the end of the month is to have a better organized schedule, have some time for myself and family, and to be able to keep up everything i’ve been wanting to do with my blog! i want a week of better health. a week of being responsible. a week where everything is in my favour!

dear reader, let me know a bit about your first week back!


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