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Winter 2017

Dear Reader,

This past week, I have posted outfits for the Winter 2017 Collection which consists of some of the trends seen this past year and season which I love. Not only that, but these are some main styles that I have been loving for a while now.

As you can see, this collection has a very specific theme surrounding the main colours of Winter. If you have been following my blog, you will have seen that I post monthly mood boards. This month is basically a combination of blues, whites and silver to represent what I feel this season is like. The colour palette is basically inspired from my December Mood Board and what I personally am into lately.

I am absolutely in love with all these looks. I enjoyed creating these sets, and I hope you all enjoy looking through them.

winter 2018 by saamstaa

Dear Reader, enjoy this winter season!


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  1. I love the fifth one, especially for the button-down skirt, the cute glasses and the satchel <3

    1. definitely one of my favourites as well! it just reminds me of the cozy days spent inside in the winter 🙂 <3

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