Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA) Writing


writing prompt: who is summer to you

summer is the one you’ve always loved. she would come and go throughout your life multiple times, but would always leave behind the best memories for you to savour and cherish along the years. she brings happiness everywhere she goes, shining brightly and showing everyone what she’s capable of. summer is the confident one who loves to show what she has done. although credit is never given to spring who helped along the way, creating something so beautiful with her heartache and pain from what came before. everyone and every little thing smiles when she comes by. savouring this time, and enjoying their time with her as much as possible before she runs away again. sometimes it gets a bit much, where we must hide away to save our selves from the fury of summer as she casts a glare from above. we stay inside and waste our time away day by day to stay as far from her as possible. this happens constantly, and by the end you learn that you love her and would love for her to come back. yet here she goes again into hiding from the world. we don’t know where she goes or who she sees next, but we know that soon she’ll be back. back, to spending those endless nights together. back, to toasting marshmallows over the open fire. back, to holding your hand while running into the ocean. back, to stealing each others ice cream away when the other isn’t looking. back, to spending time under the stars. back, to long road trips and messy cars. back, to movie marathons and pillow forts. back, to creating new memories with you. here’s to summer, who i will forever be waiting for.

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